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Cosmetic injections

Cosmetic Injections are not only the best way to stop aging, they can also enhance your features. At CHIC Centre Montreal we specialize in creating customized cosmetic treatments that will help you create a better version of yourself! From wrinkle reduction and lip fillers-we do it all! We understand how important this is for our customers so rest assured when choosing us you're in good hands.
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Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle relaxers or neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport are popular treatments that can smooth out wrinkles and fine lines!

Visible Results: One week
Effect Duration: 3-4 months
Anesthesia: Ice

Botox Injections

Dermal Fillers

Fillers are used to improve the appearance of many different areas including smile lines, nasolabial folds (under eye area), marionette line and lips. They can be injected in certain locations for added volume or just around your mouth where you might have small wrinkles from sallowness due to dieting habits like smoking cigarettes which caused large amounts cholesterol Sandboxing stress! These products will help smooth out any lumps on our face so they're great when its time take care if blemishes as well adding some much needed color back into an expression after too much sun exposure

Visible Results: Immediate
Effect Duration: 6 months to a year
Anesthesia: Ice

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Dr. Noémie Vézina


Born and raised in Montreal, Dr Vézina completed her medical degree and residency training in Family Medicine at McGill University. She has since been focusing her practice in preventative and aesthetic medicine. Her holistic approach and careful listening lead to natural results tailored to her patients’ needs.

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Dr. Borhan Al-Atassi

Neurosurgeon, Aesthetic Medicine

With a degree in neurosurgery from the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University, Dr. Al-Atassi has been practicing neurosurgery for more than 10 years. Dr. Al-Assisi has always been captivated by the field of aesthetic medicine. He has successfully completed various trainings in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic injections. His passion for his work shines through in every aspect of the way he treats patients, making sure they are given top priority and care.

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