Candela Medical GentleMax Pro Laser Hair Removal System


The Candela GentleMax Pro laser hair removal system is one of the most popular laser hair removal systems on the market. It's a top choice for those looking for an effective and affordable laser hair removal solution. But what makes it so special? Let's take a closer look at this system and find out.

What is the GentleMax Pro laser hair removal machine and how does it work

The GentleMax Pro is a laser hair removal machine that uses two different types of lasers to target both dark and light hair. The machine first uses a low-energy laser to heat up the hair follicles and then a high-energy laser to destroy them. The GentleMax Pro is a newer, more advanced version of the GentleLASE, which could only target dark hair. The GentleMax Pro can be used on all skin types, including tanned skin, and it is safe for both men and women. It is FDA-cleared and has been clinically proven to be effective. The GentleMax Pro is one of the most popular laser hair removal machines on the market today, and many people have had great results with it.

Dual wave

GentleMax Pro offers both the 755 nm Alexandrite laser and the

powerful 1064nm Nd:YAG laser. Superior to Diode laser, Alexandrite laser is the most powerful and effective laser technology to treat white and light tone skin types (type 1 to 4). Nd:YAG Laser is equally powerful and effective at treating black and dark skin types. It allows for the laser to penetrate the skin deep enough to destroy the hair follicle without causing any damage or burns to the skin.

Alexandrite vs Diode

Alexandrite and diode lasers are the most common types of lasers used for laser hair removal. Both types of laser can be effective, but they have some key differences. Alexandrite lasers have a longer wavelength, which makes them better at penetrating deeper into the skin. This means that they are more effective at targeting the hair follicles. However, alexandrite lasers can also cause more side effects, such as skin irritation. Diode lasers have a shorter wavelength, which makes them less likely to penetrate deep into the skin. As a result, diode lasers are not as effective at targeting hair follicles, but they cause fewer side effects. When choosing a laser for hair removal, it is important to weigh the risks and benefits of each type of laser. Also read our blog post about what laser hair removal is.

How effective is the GentleMax Pro laser hair removal machine

The Gentle Pro laser is a state-of-the-art laser hair removal machine that delivers permanent hair reduction quickly and efficiently. It works by targeting the follicle with intense light energy for thermal destruction, but without damaging surrounding tissue or your skin’s natural moisture balance. This epidermal protection comes from an adjustable cooling system which sprays liquid coolant onto each pulse before it hits you - making sure everything goes smoothly no matter what level of discomfort YOU identify as being at during treatment.

What are the benefits of using the GentleMax Pro laser hair removal machine

GentleMax Pro is a laser machine that offers many benefits. GentleMax Pro can be used to remove hair, wrinkles, sun spots, and unwanted tattoos. It is a safe and effective way to improve your appearance. GentleMax Pro is also FDA approved. This means that it has been tested and proven to be safe and effective. Additionally, GentleMax Pro is fast and convenient. The procedure is typically completed in less than an hour. There is no downtime following the treatment, so you can return to your normal activities immediately. Finally, GentleMax Pro is affordable. The cost of the procedure depends on the number of treatments required, but it is generally much less expensive than other cosmetic procedures such as surgery.

GentleMax vs Lighsheer

When it comes to laser hair removal, two of the most popular machines on the market are the GentleMax Pro and the LightSheer Duet. Both machines use laser energy to target and destroy hair follicles, resulting in permanently reduced hair growth. However, there are a few key differences between these two machines. GentleMax Pro uses both an Alexandrite laser and a Nd: YAG laser, while LightSheer Duet uses only Diode laser. This gives GentleMax Pro a wider range of applicability, as it can be used on all skin types. In addition, GentleMax Pro is equipped with a CoolScan scanner, which helps to ensure that each pulse of laser energy is precisely targeted. Finally, GentleMax Pro has a slightly higher maximum pulse energy than LightSheer Duet, meaning that it can treat larger areas in less time. Overall, both GentleMax Pro and LightSheer Duet are excellent options for laser hair removal. However, GentleMax Pro may be a better choice for those with darker skin or larger treatment areas.

Before and after photos of people who have used the GentleMax Pro laser hair removal machine

GentleMax Pro is highly effective at getting rid of unwanted hair permanently as can be seen in the before and after photos of actual people treated with the GentleMax machine.

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