Is Botox safe and what are the side effects?

Botox is a safe and effective treatment

If you're considering getting Botox treatments you are probably wondering if it's safe. The answer is yes – Botox is a safe and effective treatment when administered by a qualified doctor. However, as with any medical process, individual results may vary and there are some risks. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the common side effects of Botox, as well as some of the rare but serious side effects that can occur. We'll also discuss how to minimize the risk of any negative side effects, and what to do if you experience them. So if you're thinking about getting Botox, make sure you read this post first!

What is Botox and botulinum toxin?

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Botulinum toxin, better known under its brand names -Botox, Dysport, Ipsen, and Jeuveau - is a popular, non-surgical cosmetic treatment. It is used for temporary reduction and elimination of dynamic wrinkles, frown lines, crow's feet, and other wrinkles around the lips and the neck.

Botox is a naturally occurring compound that can give the face a relaxed and rejuvenated look without changing facial appearance.Though it acts temporarily, your facial muscles relax and stay relaxed, which ensures the skin doesn't see a lot of movement. Botox treatment is thus an effective solution to your early aging signs, provided that you treat your wrinkles and fine lines with an appropriate Botox.

Does Botox work if you already have forehead wrinkles?

The answer is a clear YES. In fact, smoothing out facial wrinkles is the most popular use of Botox injections.

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What are the most common treated areas to get Botox?

Botox is paralyzing facial muscles and is ideal for people with forehead wrinkles, wrinkles around the lips, neck wrinkles, small wrinkles, bunny lines, neck bands, frown lines, crow's feet (crow's feet is the term used to describe the fine lines and wrinkles found at the outer corners of your eyes), and other types of fine lines. Other than the facial wrinkles,Botox is even used to restrain conditions like neck nerve spasms, excessive sweating, chronic migraines, overactive bladder, and eye-twitching.

Who should not get Botox?

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People under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn't use Botox.Also you shouldn't use it if you are currently taking muscle relaxants or have taken antibiotics in the week before or if you have allergies to another botulinum toxin brand (such as Myobloc, Xeomin or Dysport) or had any side effects from these products in the past.

How does cosmetic Botox affect facial muscles?

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How does Botox work? A wrinkle can arise overtime from the use of facial muscles when we express ourselves. With age, our expression lines linger longer and become more pronounced until they become exaggerated and permanent. Botulinum Toxin works by blocking the nerve impulses in your muscles.

Though it acts temporarily, your facial muscles and nerves relax and stay relaxed, which ensures the skin doesn't see a lot of movement. This reduces the chances of dynamic wrinkles, fine lines, crow's feet wrinkles, lion wrinkles (caused by frowning the eyebrows), and any other type of facial wrinkle. You will look more relaxed, youthful, and can stall the signs of aging for several years.

Appropriate doses allow softening of harsh expressions while keeping natural facial expressions. The results last three to four months and can have a cumulative effect after a few treatments.

Difference between Botox and dermal fillers

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Botox can help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions, while dermal fillers add fullness in areas that have thinned due to aging. Treatment with Botox requires fewer injections and causes less pain than fillers. However, the results of Botox are temporary, while those of fillers are more permanent.

Combining Botox with other filling agents

Combining Botox with dermal fillers or other filling agents such as hyaluronic acid is not unusual to fill in the deeper wrinkles.Your specialist might recommend both treatments in the same session or waiting a few weeks in between. Receiving Botox injections and filler can lead to longer lasting results that can last anywhere from 9 to 10 months.

In certain situations, Botox can be injected on top of filler. Depending on the area being treated, your practitioner may suggest waiting for two weeks to seethe results before administering Botox to the same area.

After the treatment

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After the procedure, we may apply ice to the treatment area. The injection process is nearly painless and has minimal side effects.The results of the injection can be visible in as little as 48 hours. You may return to your normal routine immediately after your treatment with Botox.

You should avoid any strenuous exercise or lying flat for 30 minutes and cosmetics for at least two hours. Our team also recommends that you avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area for 30 minutes to prevent the injectable from spreading. Neurotoxins, once injected, travel all throughout your body and can affect areas far from the injection site.

What are the side effects ofBotox?

After receiving Botox, some people experience mild pain, redness, and swelling. Side effects vary from person to person. Even the smallest needle can cause bruising or uneven color in your skin which will go away after a few days with no long-term effects on their appearance!

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Use the tips below to help reduce bruising after receiving an injection.

●     Elevate your head high enough so that it's above heart level for at least 24 hours

●     Avoid blood thinners

●     Apply ice packs for 3 days following treatment

●     Avoid alcohol a day prior to and immediately following injections

●     Don't exercise your body heavily until pain has subsided

What are some rare side effects of Botox?

You are more likely to encounter negative side effects if Botox is injected by an inexperienced doctor. Rare but serious side effects include difficulty swallowing or breathing, chest pain, bruised muscles, and eye problems. Call your doctor right away if you notice any of these effects hours to weeks after receiving Botox: muscle weakness, vision problems, trouble speaking or swallowing, breathing problems, loss of bladder control.

Is Botox safe long-term?

If you work with an experienced, credentialed doctor, it is unlikely you will experience any long-term negative effects.When used properly, the risk of long-term complications is low. There are no long-term or life-threatening adverse effects related to botulinum toxin treatment for any cosmetic indications.

How long can you use Botox?

Botox usually lasts four to six months. Regular treatments can affect how long it lasts. Generally, you will need fewer Botox treatments over time to get the same effect. After using Botox continuously for years, your muscles will become trained not to make natural wrinkle-forming expressions as often.

Will Botox make my skin thinner?

Patients who start to treat wrinkles too early, like in their early 20s, can be at risk for this side effect. The skin of the forehead might get prematurely thinner, and the muscles weaker. However, this isn't common.

Can Botox treatment cause skin dis-coloration?

Prevalence of depigmentation after repeated use of Botox injection is very rare and temporary. Any temporary discoloration that develops should be light in color and easily hidden with makeup.

How do I know if Botox is right for me?

If you are considering Botox Montreal treatment call our office today to schedule a free consultation at (514) 982-0000. Our extensive experience using Botox allows us to provide the very best care to our patients in accordance with health Canada regulations, and to help you obtain the best results you can find in Montreal. Before treatment, our team will inquire about any medications that you take to ensure that there are no negative interactions. We will ask you a few questions about the kind of results you want to achieve and devise a treatment plan accordingly.

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During the initial consultation, tell our plastic surgeon about any medications you're currently taking, including over-the-counter drugs. You should also let us know if you've been injected with Botox or dermal fillers recently or if you have done cosmetic surgery in the past. We want to make sure you're healthy enough to receive the treatment. We are located in downtown Montreal and serve areas such as Westmount, West Island, Ville Mount Royal, Griffintown, Old Montreal,St-Henri, Outremont, Plateau Mont Royal, Verdun, West Island neighborhoods and more. For more information about our injectable treatments, please visit our Botox Montreal page.